Serving survivors of domestic abuse in professional & affluent communities


Support. Education. Advocacy.

WomenSV (Women of Silicon Valley) offers support to women who are trapped in abusive relationships with people who use their power, status, wealth to control and coerce their partners.  We also provide professional trainings and public education on the impact of domestic violence in the affluent community. Our goal is to break the cycle of violence and prevent future generations from becoming victims or abusers.





We connect survivors to resources and help that is available to them.

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We work to raise public awareness in the Bay Area and to educate professionals in legal, medical & social services on the issues of domestic abuse in affluent areas.



We work one-on-one with survivors to help them find the means to break free from abuse and go on to build healthier lives for themselves and their children.

WomenSV helped me stay out of the abusive relationship by giving me a community of women who supported me through the difficult phases of leaving. It gave me words for what had happened and taught me that abuse is not only physical.
— Laurene

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