Financial Support

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant can help trace hidden assets and give you a better chance of getting a fair settlement. Your lawyer should have a skilled forensic accountant on his team.

 Planning Your Future

Consult with a financial planner, estate planner, accountant, and portfolio manager to begin planning a secure financial future for yourself and your children.

You can start to set money aside secretly--for example, by overpaying for groceries to get “cash back” and putting the difference in a separate account with your name on it. It will be useful to have a credit card in your own name as well to start building your own credit rating. It will be difficult to rent anywhere without having some kind of credit.

Economic Empowerment Strategies for Women

Created by Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS), this online course that offers a range of information from fundamentals of money and financial management principles to financial planning. It is divided into five separate modules. Click here for more.

The Purple Purse Moving Ahead Curriculum

The Allstate Foundation developed the Purple Purse Moving Ahead Curriculum in partnership with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and it has been academically validated by Rutgers University. The information in this course is intended to be general advice for those in an abusive relationship. It’s fully web-based and modular and covers everything from understanding financial abuse to mastering credit basics, building financial foundations and budgeting. Click here for more.